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best virtual advisory board meeting

Pharma’s & Biotech’s preferred platform for Virtual Advisory Board Meetings

Webstream Communications enables pharma & biotech companies to conduct virtual advisory board meetings that engage audiences and extracts valuable insights
finest board meetings through virtual advisors
With our Online Virtual Meetings platform gather meaningful insights, learnings and actionable data
leading in virtual advisory board meetings
Conduct expert panel discussions with KOLs connecting from various parts of the world
top board meetings through virtual advisors
Reduce paperwork and increase interactivity for your Ad board meetings with our intuitive digital platform

Drive engagement through Virtual Advisory Board Meetings

Create a community experience and allow interaction in a virtual environment with our virtual symposium platform. Explore a new and global way to connect experts with attendees.
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Live polling & feedback
Add live polling to get audience response and prioritize ideas in real-time. Feedback by HCPs allows you to gain deeper insights and understandings drawn out from the meetings.
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Live video
With live video of key participants from the internal team and of KOLs foster synchronous engagement and keep all participants on task
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Live sharing
Share live presentations and documents to gather contributions from participants. Engage audiences in real-time and analyze data or manuscripts.
Get desired results for your virtual advisory board meetings

Gather data and insights from your event in real-time

As such, you can focus on the two significant pillars of a successful webinar i.e the speaker and the topic. With our easy to use, no-download webinar platform captivate your audience and generate best results.