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Medical Learning on the fast-track with Online CMEs Webcasting

Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) can now stay up-to-date in the ever-changing landscape of the medical industry with live webcasts of Online CMEs




way to communicate with HCPs

Traditionally, HCPs had to travel to a Medical Conference or In-person CME meet to receive the credits for that CME. This was burdensome in terms of added travel expenses, additional time allocation and work leaves to attend CMEs. Thus, pharma companies across the globe have been constantly looking out for ways to reach HCPs and make them take notice of their brand associated with the respective therapy areas.
With our next generation webcasting platform HCPs can now manage their time efficiently and commit to learning as they can attend CMEs from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. Conduct Live online CMEs across geographies on our state-of-the-art, enterprise grade and interactive platform that enables you to engage the doctors wherever they are at a click of a mouse.

Increase your reach to HCPs and optimize your marketing budgets

Attract HCP’s giving them an exceptional learning experience through online CMEs. Share useful scientific information and help HCPs to learn and discover viable ways to improve on patient care.
HD Quality Videos
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Feedback & Surveys
Peer-to-peer Networking
Online CMEs
Global Engagement
Custom In-Event
Highly Responsive

We specialize in Online CMEs and provide gold standard services

We have executed over 5000 Online CMEs and counting. We facilitate Professors and Speakers, based across the globe as well as domestic Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to connect and engage with HCPs on our easy to use platform.
We bring to the table an in-depth understanding of the pharma and healthcare industry and their communication needs. With our rich technical expertise stemming out of the experience of conducting online CMEs over the years, we ensure your events are executed flawlessly and are hassle-free.

Benefits of conducting Online CMEs

Huge cost savings by pharma companies in terms of speaker’s travel, accommodation and other overheads while maximizing reach to HCPs
HCPs can stay in-the-know about the latest trends and developments within their specialty areas
Maximize registrations for online CMEs by addressing real-world challenges that HCPs face day-to-day
Archive the entire event so that busy HCPs can access the on-demand version at their own convenient schedule
Organize Online CMEs at regular intervals and get an edge over competition
Frequency of events can be increased due to savings in the marketing budget