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Cost-effective Medical Transcription Services

Our medical transcription service involves a multi-step review process that ensures the highest level of accuracy as well as quality is delivered to you
Experienced professionals
Our team of transcriptionists specialize in a variety of medical subjects, are committed to handling large-volume projects, and ensure tight deadlines are met.
We transcribe multiple formats
We work with all types of media including disks, drives, video recordings and hard copy documents. We provide you a secure network that offers the convenience of uploading digital files and supporting documentation. You can download the completed transcripts from this network.
Fast turnaround times
Our dedicated team of transcriptionists are experienced at working under tight deadlines. The final transcript goes through quality assurance, edits and proof-reading. We ensure the highest quality transcript is delivered on time.



Services for the Healthcare Industry

We offer medical transcription services with high standard quality and provide cost-efficiency in transcribing medical records, patient chart notes, follow up notes, etc. Get audio and video transcription services that will improve your workflow.
Our solutions will help you reduce stress and allow you the opportunity to focus on patients and other aspects of your medical practice. We are committed to meeting all your medical transcription needs. We offer professional services and are flexible in meeting your specific requirements.
Get a perfect transcript in few clicks

Our service makes receiving a transcript a breeze

Through our secure network easily upload, download, and edit documents. Your transcription project will be handled by a dedicated project manager. From sending the raw data to receiving the final transcript we make the process simple with quick turn-around time.




for your medical



We have a team of in-house professionals who provide accurate and very quick projects with least turnaround time. The professionals in our transcription team are highly trained and have great experience in the field of transcription. We believe in delivering enriched and accurate text content through efficient proofreading. The transcription process has mainly three steps in case of verbatim transcription as listed below:
Transcribing (including the recording in its original form with ers, umms, 'I mean', 'sort of' etc.
Editing: cleaning the transcript by removing gibberish words as well as proofreading the document
Delivery: sending the final transcribed document
Guaranteed speed
Your deadlines are met within guaranteed turnaround times
Competitive pricing
No fees for set-up or contracts. Get the best and competitive industry pricing.
Highest level accuracy
Get 99%+ industry-leading accuracy. We provide transcriptions that you can rely on.
Private and completely confidential
All information provided stays completely confidential, secure and in accordance with all privacy acts.
24/7 customer service
From routine projects to urgent requests, we have you backed up every step of the way.
Customized solutions
From one time projects to entire ongoing projects, we can scale our solutions to meet your needs