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Reach HCPs at scale with KOL Webinars & ISP

Disseminate medical knowledge to HCPs spread across different locations and maximize ROI for international speaker programs

Reach out to remotely located



and more


with KOL

webinars and

ISP live



KOL webinars and ISPs have become an important tool for pharmaceutical companies to facilitate the interaction of the Expert Speakers with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and other Medical Professionals. These events when broadcasted live provide a wide and inexpensive reach allowing pharma companies to engage thousands of HCPs with industry experts.
Our easy to use platform provides live streaming of Speakers video along with presentations to HCPs at a nominal cost. These events can be streamed across the globe and can be viewed on any device of the HCPs choice.

Benefits of a Live KOL Webinar & ISP

Busy HCP’s can connect with industry experts in their field as per their schedule
Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities and towns can be reached easily
Key Speakers can receive questions in real-time from doctors and other HCPs
Key influencers and decision makers are identified and engaged
Aggregate data helps in improving patient outcomes
Clinical areas needing attention can be identified and addressed promptly
Medical practitioners, doctors and HCPs feel more involved
Build thought-leadership and nurture relationships with HCPs by providing valuable content
Establish an image of an academically driven Pharma or healthcare company
Get educational material and digital assets by recording KOL webinars & ISP events
Engagement of HCPs with Pharma companies is increased
Collect HCPs feedback to assess learning and the impact of KOL & ISPs
Evaluate the effectiveness and ROI of each event with comprehensive reporting and real-time analytics


at scale

and offer

industry expertise on patient care, therapeutic research and more with KOL webinars & ISP

Our platform provides pharma companies global standard quality, reliability, scalability and security. With it, KOL, International Speakers,
and HCP’s can connect from multiple locations and from different time zones for the live event.