Live HD product and medical training webcasting services in Singapore


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Live HD product and medical training webcasting services in Singapore

Conduct corporate training, sales training, and employee training sessions on our HD online virtual webcast platform and avail premium webcasting services in Singapore

With a field force spread across the regions it is constant challenge for a Pharma or a Healthcare Company to gather the reps under one roof & train them. Cost & Time involved is an another problem.

With the Webstream's Online Platform reps can be trained across the country simultaneouslythrough rich media content.

The trainer can either walk-in to our studio & address the audiences live or alternatively we can make arrangements onsite in your office to disseminate rich media content to the employees consisting of Audio + Video + Power point + Interactivity.

Benefits of a Live Product or Medical Training

  • Saves a lot of cost and time.
  • The training can be recorded, archived and viewed later.
  • Travel & Lodging is totally eliminated.
  • Enables quicker roll outs.
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