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Voting Pads on Hire

Voting Pads or Voting Keypads are an excellent way to engage audiences in a physical meeting. These are generally 5 or 9 option wireless keypads that work on radio frequency and are configured with a base station connected to a laptop loaded with the voting pad software to run the captured results on the screens. Each participant is given a voting keypad at the venue and the participant votes based on the questions displayed on the screen with options 1,2,3,4,5 or A,B,C,D,E within the time period ticking on the screen which is normally setup for 10 to 20 seconds.

Some of the Key Voting Pad Features available with Webstream Singapore:

  • 5 or 9 Option Keypads with LCD display and Battery Life Indication.
  • Wireless Light weight keypads
  • State of the Art Base Station & Software
  • Various options for the Output Result Such as - Bars, Pie Charts etc.
  • Fastest Finger First Option
  • True and False Answers
  • Right Answer Indication
  • Custom Branding on Bars

Organizations engage Voting Keypads on Hire for the following type of Events:

  • Small & Large Industry Conferences
  • CME Events (Continuous Medical Education Meets)
  • Doctors Symposiums & Workshops
  • Annual General Meeting - (AGMs)
  • Focus Group Sessions
  • TV Game Shows & Special Events
  • Multi-Site Video conferencing Events

Some Important things to note before engaging Voting Key Pads on Hire:

  • You should have at least 2 screens & 2 projectors at the venue.
  • 1 VGA switcher for displaying questions on all the screens followed by displaying of the results.
  • Questions should be provided at least 2 hours before the event start time to be configured in the software.
  • Any custom branding requirements should be communicated 1 week in advance for integration.
  • Sufficient announcements to be done in the venue for delegates to return the voting key pads to the client volunteers after the event or before leaving the hall.
  • In case voting keypads are lost or taken by the delegate client will have to bear additional charges per voting keypad as mentioned in the contract, hence one needs to ensure that the voting pads are distributed by registration with the name and phone number of the delegate against the voting pad serial key number for us to follow up and secure the voting keypads back.

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