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Now that you have landed on this page looking for some video conferencing Singapore solutions let us first list down the host of solutions available with regards to video conference in the market and what is it that we can do for you at Webstream Singapore:

General Video Conference Requirements Solutions
If you're looking for a Video Conference Room on hourly basis anywhere in the world. You're at the right place, we can help you with video conference rooms across 93 countries. You name it we have it. Click here to make an inquiry.
If you're looking to conduct a Video Conferencing Event Onsite at a hotel or a hospital which could be either Point to Point or Multipoint. Then you're at the right place, our professional video conference specialists shall deploy everything you need at an external event site and execute flawless onsite events for you.
If you already have offices, hotels or hospital locations with a video conferencing setup and you want a partner to Bridge them all on a high quality video conferencing bridge. Then yes you're at the right place, we have a state of the art video conferencing bridge both hardware and software based to connect all your sites with a dedicated video conference bridge engineer to execute your meeting or event.
If you're looking to conduct Video conferencing Onsite Events in Countries apart from Singapore. Then yes you are at the right place, Webstream can deploy video conferencing engineers to countries apart from Singapore such as Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, China and Philippines. Of course the video conferencing onsite services are not just limited to the countries mentioned above and can be executed by our onsite engineers in any country of your choice.
If you're looking for a pure web based video conferencing solution with attendees participating through their device camera and microphone with PowerPoint sharing and other moderation tools. Then yes you're at the right place, Webstream Singapore has a state of the art web based video conferencing platform that enables 25 to 100 participants to interact in real time and live with sophisticated data sharing, annotation, muting, unmuting, recording and other moderation tools.
If you're looking for a hybrid solution that involves both Video conferencing and Webcasting of 2 or more ocations. Then you're at the right place, at Webstream we can stream the video conferencing sites participating in an event on a single Webcast URL for the benefit of remote viewers not present in the video conferencing locations to view the event online and ask questions.
If you're looking to purchase any video conferencing equipment or repair your existing video conferencing units. Then you're at the wrong place. You may look for video conference equipment sellers or repairs in Singapore on a Google Search.

If you're requirement is unique and is not covered in the solutions mentioned above please call us for a free consultation on +65 9038 1212 or email us on and we shall do our best to help you solve your problem.

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