On Demand

The term On-Demand streaming consists of several services. Under this the event is encoded, captured, hosted and accessed as and when required. Thus, the viewers according to their own convenience are able to retrieve a sound file or a video clipping that have been implanted as well as serviced on a website.

We provide everything from complete streaming website solution to clearly characterized content for later, on demand retrieval. We can place streaming content on your existing website or revise your site altogether to incorporate streaming as a central part of your site.

On-demand streaming is majorly used for the purpose of corporate training, seminars, HR initiatives, product information along with several other functions, the usage of which cannot be limited in today's times.

1000 Voting Pads

Execution capacity of 1000 voting pads in a single event

93 Countries

International VC studio network across 93 countries

15,000+ Events Executed

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